Symfony 2 meets Oracle (part 1)

Downloading the VM

First of all you need to get Virtualbox for your operating system


Then you need to create an account on the Oracle website (if you don’t have one already) and get the Enterprise PHP Development VM


Configuring the VM

Import the VM in Virtualbox (File > Import Appliance) and follow instructions.

Click on the appliance created  > Settings > Network and change the adapter to “Bridged Adapter”. In the advanced tab, update the “Promiscuous mode” to “Allow all”.

Start the VM and login using the root account provided. Then go in System > Administration > Network. Open the network adapter (eth0) and configure a static IP address according to your local network. Leave for the default gateway.

Save and restart the network adapter for your configuration to be reset.

Start a terminal on your computer and execute the following commands to make sure you can reach the VM.

> ping [STATIC_IP]
> telnet [STATIC_IP] 1521

If this does not work, try to disable the firewall in System > Administration > Firewall and security