Welcome to my profile Website A little about me

I am a web consultant with more than 8 years experience based in UK and specialized in the development of highly scalable and customized applications.

Extra Information Things I like to do and technologies that I use


I came across symfony in the early stages of the framework in 2006. It then appeared to me as an evidence that developing an application using a framework was the way forward. It makes the development process faster and the code more flexible, it is bundled with a lot of low-level stable components that you don't need to redevelop. It is also a lot easier when working as a team member on a large project as all the developers are using the same good practice. Since 2006, I have developed more than 50 projects using the framework and I have never been disappointed.

Project management

I believe a successful project lays in its foundation. Project management is therefore a very important aspect in a web project to make sure every steps from the conception to the delivery are met correctly.


Volleyball, squash, swimming, diving, running, I always have more than one sport session a week to change my mind and stay in good shape.

Skills & Expertise

  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • Doctrine/Propel
  • Web services
  • Facebook API
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Project Management
  • Apache/Nginx
  • Subversion/Git

My Services Things I do

Custom applications

Using mainly the Symfony framework, I develop tailored applications according to your needs.

Magento e-commerce

Customizing the Magento e-commerce platform to suit your business model and increase your ROI.

Facebook apps

Developing customized apps using the Facebook Open Graph API for a better user experience and interaction with the user.

Project management

Writing technical and functional specification notebooks to lay the fundation for your project.