My studying history Courses I have taken over the years

Msc Computing (CBL)

  • University: Heriot-Watt University - Edinburgh (UK)
  • Period: September 2003- June 2004
  • References: Roger Rist

Bsc (Hons) Computing

  • University: Napier University - Edinburgh (UK)
  • Period: September 2002- June 2003
  • Description:

Sharing its first year with the BEng Computing degree, this course offers a thorough grounding in the principles and practices of professional computing. You’ll learn the basic skills of computing, including software development, human-computer interaction, database systems, software engineering methods and web technologies. Any theory you learn will be applied in a lab setting, giving you valuable practical experience that will form a solid foundation for the next phase of your studies.

DU Multimedia Internet Webmaster (MIW)

  • University: Université de Provence - Gap (France)
  • Period: September 2001- June 2002
  • References: Roland Grosso

DUT Services & Réseaux de Communication (SRC)

  • University: Toulon Var - Saint Raphaël (France)
  • Period: September 1999- June 2001